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Alumni of St. Michael

Alumni Testimonials

Some of our former students have graciously shared their reflections on their time at St. Michael:

  • "What I remember about St. Mike's are the awesome teachers! I started at St. Mike's when it first opened and I was in Grade 7. I have very fond memories of English with Mr. Noonan and Mr. Finner, music with Mrs. Welsbury, Spanish with Senor Sharples and drama with Mrs. Viau. I was also in Pep Squad for three years (Grade 10-12). Thanks to all of the support through my six years at St. Mike's and the continuing support now!" - Danielle Vachon, Class of 2005

  • "My time at St. Mike's was definitely an educational highlight in my so-called schooling career. The education I received was of the highest caliber, setting me up to succeed in my post-secondary studies. No time comes to mind where I felt help was not made consistently available. I felt well supported in the small community established by St. Mike's, particularly during my pursuit of extracurricular activities such as with the girls' basketball team, the Sr. Band and the Jazz Band. Opportunities arose that allowed me to see parts of the world I would not have otherwise seen (e.g. Italy and Cuernavaca, Mexico) and friendships and memories were made that will last forever." - Genevieve Arnaud, Class of 2007

  • "There are several things I could say about St. Mike's, but what I will focus on is the fact that the teachers were always there to lend a helping hand and provide humour in and outside the classrooms. I enjoyed playing basketball throughout my school years and advancing my skills as I went. I will always remember the time I beat Mr. Finner in a game of basketball (he never wanted to play me after that). The education that was provided was very helpful in furthering my education in university." - Connor Nicholls, Class of 2007

  • "Attending St. Michael's gave me a sense of pride and belonging. The teachers and staff are truly amazing and they are always ready and willing to assist students in distress!" Cecilia Pich, Class of 2009

  • "Without the education I received at St.Michael's, I wouldn't be where I am now. I graduated in 2003 in Grade Twelve, and six years later, I'm a teacher myself! The extended french program was fantastic and the teachers were great role models and mentors. To this day, I keep in touch with many of my high school teachers and continue to go to them for advice!" - Jasmine Delaney, Class of 2003

  • "I must say that I had a great time at St. Mike's. The staff and my fellow students made it an amazing time. The best time would have to be the Band trips. New York City, Rochester, Montreal, and Quebec City, all were wonderful. I have to say that the music program is second to none; Ms. K. really pours her heart and soul into it and it shows every year." - Josh McGrath, Class of 2007

  • "The St. Michael's Staff and faculty provided me with the support and guidance which allowed me to excel in my studies both in high school and in my post-secondary studies." - Kevin Laverdiere, Class of 2002 (St. Mike's First Graduating Class)

  • "St. Michael's was definitely an experience I would wish upon anyone. The education was superior, the atmosphere was warm and accepting, and the school spirit was outstanding. The one thing that made this school stand out was all the extra things done to help bring together the students as a student body. I'm talking about Mr. Musca's Can-Can dance in a uniform skirt, or the shaving of Mrs. Neidre's head to raise cancer awareness, or the Chipmunks singing "Oh Canada" over the intercom for a week straight . . . It made me want to come to school almost everyday so I wouldn't miss anything." - Melissa Probert, Class 2007

  • "St. Michael's is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Without the support, academic and personally, I would not be where I am today: playing hockey at a recognized college in the US and intending on going to med school. I am truly blessed to have attended this fine school and to have gotten to know the amazing people who work there!!!" - Jessica Kehoe, Class of 2009

  • "To be honest, it’s hard to put into words what St. Michael Catholic High School really means to me. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better high school, and I mean that. I know St. Michael’s has given me the best possible start on the rest of my life, post secondary, and beyond. I feel so lucky to have attended this school, so prepared, and so proud. St. Michael’s has given me some of my favorite memories, and some of my best friends. The staff at St. Michael’s is unparalleled, the curriculum is second to none, and this is without a doubt the best high school any student could attend. I will never forget my time at St. Michael’s." - Maggie McEachern, Class of 2006

  • "St. Michael Catholic High School is one of those places you'll remember for a lifetime. It is where a lot of us really found out who we are, and what we want to do with our lives. I know at the beginning of Grade 12 I thought I was ready for bigger and better things, and now I realize that I shouldn't have wished it away so fast. I came to post-secondary education completely prepared for what my professors were going to throw at me. I know if I was at any other school, I'd probably feel differently. I'll always be a Mustang at heart." - Marissa Begin, Class of 2009

  • "I had fun with every teacher because we have the best staff and awesome students. I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of this high school. Amen!" - Grant Boyce, Class of 2008

  • "St. Mike's was a great place to attend high school. The teaching quality, extracurricular activities, and atmosphere were second to none. I would recommend St. Mike's to any student without reservation. " -Tim Boushel, Class of 2005

  • "My time at St. Mike's taught me about more than just English, World Religions, or Math. I learned what it means to feel a sense of community, an appreciation for diversity, and the gratification that comes from finding balance in your life. I found all aspects of my education to be invaluable, and I still hear from some extraordinary teachers who cared enough to stay in touch well after graduation. I also met many of my best friends in high school, and the close-knit feeling I first experienced there transcended the dramas, hormones, and stress of high school to become lasting relationships that will continue throughout my adult years. The school spirit at St. Mike's was contagious, and I hope it always is. I am very thankful for my time at St. Mike's, and I am grateful for the experiences I shared with all of the wonderful people there." - Sarah Carroll, Class of 2005

  • "St Mike’s prepared me for post-secondary education not only in academics but also in time management. The classes had incredible educators allowing for a welcoming, fun, and challenging atmosphere. A healthy, well-balanced lifestyle was created by mixing those classes with high caliber extracurriculars. Some of my personal highlights of unforgettable extracurriculars include: early morning cross country runs in the forestry (they build character), Thursday afternoon band rehearsals (amazing music program), volleyball practices with rap music, student council meetings at lunch, and Relay for Life. I am now in my final year of Environmental Biology (BSc.H) at Queen’s University in Kingston and I truly know that without the support from the amazing teachers here at St. Michael’s, I would not have made it this far." - Aimée Brisebois, Class of 2005

  • "In receiving an education at St.Michael Catholic High School I felt quite prepared to undertake not only the post-secondary education that I have received so far which includes doing an M.A in history as well as becoming a teacher, but also life itself. The great staff and helpful guidance not only challenged me to do my best both in academia as well as in extracurriculars but moreover taught me many valuable lessons along the way that I will never forget. Overall it was a great experience and I would rate the school second to none." - Shane Cliff, Class of 2004

  • "Gather 'round everyone . . . St. Michael's is a place I still hold very found memories of, five years later, and will continue to carry for the rest of my life. The clean school, safe atmosphere, and uniforms all made this possible, but it was the teachers that made the real difference. The amount of extracurricular activities that were available, and the extracurricular support you could receive were beyond description. EVERY teacher at St Michael's was involved with extracurricular activities, either as a coach or director, or simply as a supervisor who was there simply so we could carry on after school. I wouldn't be where I am today without them, more importantly I wouldn't be who I am today without them. The teachers made classrooms comfortable, and there was always help for those who needed it, and a challenge for those who wanted more. I constantly go back to what I learned there as I continue on in my life, and will never stop doing so." - Eric Foster, Class of 2004

  • "I would like to say that the staff at St.Mike's did an excellent job in preparing me for my post-secondary studies. The staff took the extra time to ensure that we understood the basics, even if that meant taking away from their lunch hours to have tutorials. I found that when I went to university I had a solid understanding of math which enabled me to succeed in my calculus classes, a subject that many of my 300 classmates struggled with. The extracurricular activities at St. Mike's were also outstanding. Some of my greatest memories are from the sports at St.Mike's. The time and dedication the staff put into the programs is what made it so successful and enjoyable for me. I was very fortunate to be on one of the first St. Michael's teams that made it to OFSAA and that will always be the highlight of my high school experience." - Karen Forbes, Class of 2005

  • "St. Mike's was a wonderful school because of its close-knit community. Everyone knew (or at least knew of) everyone else in their grade, and many in others. Classes like music and comm tech have contributed to my desire to study film production, and for that I'm truly thankful. I must also add that Mr. Finner's English, history, and computer science classes were some of the best classes I've ever taken." - Robert Sharpe, Class of 2006

  • St. Mike's. A place where girls can play football, students can chat one on one with their profs, and an education that makes first year university a breeze. - Sarah Bennett, Class 2006

  • "I always felt lucky to be taught by the teachers of St.Michael’s. But, it wasn't’t until I began considering my own career as a teacher that I truly realized how great they are. The teaching staff challenged us to be better than average: whether we were memorizing Shakespeare in English, or competing against Rideau in soccer. The staff of St. Mike’s also recognized the importance of learning outside the classroom. My experiences varied, from playing guitar in the Mass band, to hitting the slopes with the ski club, and even traveling through Italy. I thank the staff of St. Mike’s for an excellent and fun four years of education,and for helping shape me into the person I am today!" - Rob Gray, Class of 2005

  • "Thanks to St.Mike's, my school year as an exchange student was brilliant. Great teachers, educational and unique classes, various extracurricular activities, friendly schoolmates, and a sophisticated atmosphere brought me a wonderful time. I felt even more comfortable going St.Mike's than my original high school in Japan and what I experienced there now dominates an essential part of myself. I recently met some of my friends from the high school for the first time after 6 years and they were even nicer than before. They are my lifetime friends." - Takaki Kosakai, 2002-2003 Exchange

  • "At St. Michael, it was about giving 100%, 100% of the time; in your studies, extracurricular activities, and in life. All the brilliant teachers and mentors were there, guiding me down the right path. I am extremely privileged to say that I am a graduate of St. Michael Catholic High School." - Jenna Brenno, Class of 2004

If you are a graduate of St. Michael Catholic High School and would like to contribute to our testimonials page, send an e-mail to Mr. Finner: christopher.finner@cdsbeo.on.ca


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